Statute and constitutional bill

Statute and constitutional bill are available for downloading in pdf format [135 kb] (in Italian)

Hereinafter, you will read some articles from the Club’s statute:

1st article – Name and place

It is established the Cultural Associaltion called “The Italian Club of the Creatives”, abbreviated “C.I.C.”. It is a nonpartisan, apolitical and no-profit Association, ruled accordind to Title 1, chapter III, article 36 and following of the Civil Code and of the present Statute.

3rd article – Aims and institutional purposes

The Association aims at promoting and spreading the Culture of Inventiveness, considered the core of the economical and social development. The Charter Members believe that human creativity is an essential element of modern society and economy. In our competitive world, it is very important to be endowed with a creative mind; hence the need to create a meeting place where we can plan a sort of workshop of Inventiveness and Innovation, think about new Ideas in order to find solutions to complex problems.

The Charter Members are likewise convinced of the importance of the “Life Skills” - competences for life –, as they are called by the Health World Organization. Creativeness is among these skills in the broad meaning of being able to find solutions and original ideas, facing any sort of situation.

In this sense, Creativity helps towards “decision making” (ability to make decisions) and “problem solvine” (ability to solve problems), giving the chance to explore alternatives and consequences of different available options.

The Charter Members wish to enhance the birth and spreading of the Culture of Creativity that leads towards the invention of new innovative Ideas, of basic importance for social development, competitiveness, spiritual and material wellbeing.

The Association’s purpose is to spread the Culture of Creativity, increase the number of those who have a creative mind and behaviour. In a word, to increase the Creative Class. Here you find some categories that belong to this Class: engineers, architects, artists, musicians, researchers, scientists, journalists, teachers, designers, graphic designer, advertising agents, general managers, ITC manager, etc.

The Association is based on the free, personal and spontaneous work of the Charter Members.

Directive Council

For 2019-2020 the Directive Council is composed as follow:

  • Giuseppe Rapone, Presidente
  • Giovanni Mosca, vice Presidente
  • Ernesto Albanello, Segretario
  • Romolo Gaudini, Tesoriere
  • Franco Bidetta, Consigliere