What we do

How we work

The organizational model of the Association fixes two kinds of meetings:

  1. Plenary assembly, for general matters (balance approval, changes of statute, renewal social positions, etc.);

  2. Theme tables, preceded by virtual contacts aiming at joining together those who are interested in working around a specific theme or idea. In practical terms, in order to form a table, a Club member can launch a “Call for Interest”: all of those who might be interested in the proposed topic, will be invited to take part in the next meetings. At the beginning meetings would be useful for brainstorming ideas and later they would focus on projecting and developing the set idea. Their target is to realize a “product”, that is a project, a business plan, a software, etc. There are no limits. Who is (really) interested in joining the specific theme may answer the Call showing his/her own interest. After the setting of the team, which has an interdisciplinary feature, the agreement of confidence (NDA) is signed and the operative part starts. The result of the work may be eventually filed for protection in the proper offices and it becomes common property of the team that has carried it out.

This way of working allows to create a network of people who are willing to think about the future and directly commit themselves in projects of great impact on the several fields of knowledge.

We can affirm that the experiment is working, when four, five people with different proficiency join together. In this case, positive results come out.

What we do

Till today, two initiatives have been carried out:

  • Projecting and submission to financing of the formative plan “Creativity for innovation: how good ideas are born” (January 2006);

  • Study of feasibility and graphic concept of the theme park “IMPARAPARK, la Città della gioCOnoscenza©®”. The park, stemming from a very innovative concept, has a strictly cultural-didactic content and has its origin in the trend of Edutainment. The project has been deposited both at SIAE and on the R.P.G. c/o Minister of Cultural Properties. At the moment, we are looking for a/some industrial partner/s interested in considering new business opportunities (December 2008).

At present, there are three theme projects at work :

  • Project “Atri Strategic plan”, co-ordinated by Giovanni Mosca (engineer);

  • Project “Small villages of Teramo hinterland”, co-ordinated by Giuseppe Rapone;

  • Project “How to ri-animate the dialogue businesses - universities”, co-ordinated by Giuseppe Rapone