How to join the club

The material for enrolment is made up of:
  • Rules for enrolment
  • Form for applying
  • Form of a CV according to the European version
Files are available for downloading in zip format [880kb]

Rules for enrolement

All details for enrolment are listed in the files available for downloading.

In the form for applying to the Club, the applicant indicates the name of at least a Charter Member who is introducing him and with whom he has bad an informal interview about the aims of the Association.

In evaluating the request of application, the Board of Directors will ask the Charter Member confirmation about his personal knowledge of the applicant and the result of the previous interview. In case of missing Charter Members that may introduce a new participant, this latter will ask the Association to have an informal interview that will be carried out with at least three Charter Members.

The Board of Directors will eventually ask these Members for confirmation about the results of the interview and will accept the new candidates according to the evaluation of the following parameters:

  1. to be of age
  2. CV
  3. professional competence
  4. reputation

The enrolement fee for year 2019 is 25,00 euro.